• Qigu Salt Mountain

    Salt Mountain is one of the popular attractions frequently reported by the media. This white mountain standing tall in the coastal area is also a famous local landmark in Qigu. In addition to enjoying the scenery and taking photos, visitors should never miss the salty popsicles and bittern coffee. The popsicle’s salty and sweet taste will definitely take the summer heat away. And the coffee’s interesting flavor will also make you want to come back for more.

    Distance 26.8 Km,Driving time 35 Minute
  • Siaobei Night Market

    Open on Tuesdays and Fridays at Sec. 4, Ximen Rd., North Dist., Tainan City. It is equipped with car park for both cars and motorcycles.
    Taking over the crowd from Siaobei Shopping District in the early days, it continues to serve the visitors by providing delicacies and entertainment.

    Distance 5.8 Km,Driving time 15 Minute
  • Ten Drum Culture Village

    Ten Drum Culture Village covers an area of approximately 5 hectares and includes 16 old warehouses built during the Japanese Occupation.
    To give the century-old Rende Sugar Mill a new look through meticulous planning, Ten Drum took over the planning of these warehouses and focused on the concept of revitalizing idle space in 2005.
    This brings back the old glory of the sugar mill; the unique Taiwanese drumming culture of Ten Drum was integrated to build the first international drum-themed art village in Asia.

    Distance 16.6 Km,Driving time 16 Minute
  • Wusheng Night Market

    Open on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Compared to other night markets, Wusheng Night Market focuses on general merchandise and boutique goods.
    Located in between the alleys and next to Garden Night Market, Wusheng Night Market provides an alternative option for visitors who want to visit night markets on Saturday while trying to avoid a daunting crowd.

    Distance 8.3 Km,Driving time 22 Minute
  • Dadong Night Market

    Dadong Night Market is a well-known night market in the East District of Tainan City. Located in Sec. 1, Linsen Rd., it is near the residential areas and school zones, hence having a large number of visitors and high popularity. Its fame is next to that of Garden Night Market.

    Distance 11.8 Km,Driving time 18 Minute
  • Caoshan Moon World

    The Caoshan Moon World, located in Zuozhen District, Tainan City, is a mudstone terrain formed by sandstone and shale. It connects with the mudstone terrains in Neimen, Tianliao and Yanchao Districts in Kaohsiung City, which is referred to as chalk soil terrain.The vast and magnificent landscape of the Moon World makes it a suitable location to see the sunset and enjoy te night scenery.

    Distance 28.6 Km,Driving time 35 Minute
  • Garden Night Market

    Garden Night Market is a mobile night market in the North District of Tainan City, Taiwan, which is open on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.
    Although it does not have as long-standing history as other night markets in Taiwan, it has developed within a short period of time into a large-scale night market with nearly 400 stalls. It is one of the best-known night markets in Tainan City and throughout Taiwan, and was ranked 12th among the most “checked-in” locations globally on Facebook in 2013.

    Distance 6.7 Km,Driving time 19 Minute
  • Guanziling Hot Springs

    Guanziling is located at Zhentou Mountain to the northeast of Baihe District, Tainan City. The Mountain had been originally settled by Pingpu Peoples until 1898 when the Japanese soldiers stationed there discovered the Guanziling hot springs at Lushan Valley to the northeast. After some development work, the natural scenery and characteristic of the place made it one of the then Eight Views of Taiwan. It is also a popular hot spring town in Southern Taiwan.

    Distance 55.2 Km,Driving time 44 Minute
  • Beimen Jingzaijiao Tile-paved Salt Fields

    At dusk the setting sun shines on the Tile-paved Salt Fields, which reflect the beautiful hues of the sky. Along with the endless skyline and clouds at Beimen Lagoon, it has become an attraction that visitors to Tainan’s coast should never miss.

    Distance 40.2 Km,Driving time 34 Minute
  • Anping Old Fort

    Taiwan Fort is also known as King’s Fort, Fort Provintia, or Anping Fort.
    Originally built by the Dutch, since the Chinese used to call the Dutch “red hair”, the fort is also known as Fortress San Domingo (Red Hair Fort).
    After reconstruction during the Japanese Occupation, it was renamed Anping Old Fort and the name has stuck until today.

    Distance 13.1 Km,Driving time 27 Minute
  • National Museum of Taiwan History

    National Museum of Taiwan History is an organization that specializes in preserving Taiwanese historical and cultural artifacts.
    In addition to preserving Taiwanese historical artifacts, its task of greater importance is to share them with the public.

    Distance 2.7 Km,Driving time 7 Minute
  • Sicao Green Tunnel

    The greatest impression Sicao Green Tunnel leaves on people is the mangrove that extends on the sides of the waterway like a tunnel.
    The tranquil water reflects the green leaves, forming a dream-like water canal. The lush vegetation also gives it the name of “Little Amazon”.

    Distance 17.3 Km,Driving time 35 Minute
  • Chi Mei Museum

    Located in the Rende District of Tainan City, Chi Mei Museum was founded by Mr. Wen-Long Shi, the founder of Chimei Corporation. It is the private museum or fine arts museum with the richest collection in Taiwan.

    Distance 16.5 Km,Driving time 16 Minute