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LIXIN  The warmth of home
With the service concept of “getting off work is the beginning of a vacation”, travelers can feel the warmth of “home” from every small detail during their stay at Lixin Grand Hotel Tainan!


LIXIN Starting the magnificent journey by staying at Lixin Grand Hotel Tainan
Lixin Grand Hotel Tainan is located near the Yongkang Interchange, which is the transportation hub in Tainan. Built with five-star hotel specifications, the construction of Lixin Grand Hotel Tainan was completed in 2017. Lixin is adjacent to the prosperous Yongkang Zhongzheng Business District and Tainan Science Park. It takes only 20 minutes to drive to the Tainan Station of Taiwan High Speed Rail. Equipped with both business and leisure functions, Lixin meets the multiple needs of business and leisure travelers. Lixin has 138 spacious fine rooms with large windows for lighting. With the combination of modern high-tech equipment and elegant oriental artistic atmosphere, the design of each room is close to travelers’ life and aimed to create perfect travel memories.


LIXIN Classical warmth meets modern technology

The entire building uses sophisticated brown colors to go with classical wood furniture, creating a warm atmosphere for travelers to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a while and get closer to the tranquility of nature.The state-of-the-art electronic peephole is introduced in the room to ensure the safety of the traveler’s accommodation. In addition, two charging cables (one for Apple and the other for Android) are next to the phone to make every trip simpler and easier.